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Reduce your dementia risk now!

People of all ages are being encouraged to do more to look after their brains to try to reduce their dementia risk.

A new brain check-up tool from Alzheimer's Research UK offers tips on staying sharp, keeping active and connecting with others.

Getting regular hearing checks in your 40s and 50s is one way to prevent social isolation, it says. But most cases of dementia cannot be prevented, so early detection and better treatments are still vital.

Research suggests there are 12 risk factors for dementia which, if modified, could stop four in 10 people developing memory loss, confusion and communication problems. Advice based on these risk factors is to stop smoking, do regular exercise, cut back on alcohol and challenge your brain - and it is never to early or too late to start doing it, experts say.

Anyone can take the brain check, which has been based on the latest research, to find out how to lower their individual chances of dementia. But it is particularly aimed at adults aged 40-50 because this is seen to be an important window for taking action to look after brain health.

Prof Jonathan Schott, chief medical officer at the charity, said it would "provide a practical and easy means to allow people to take action to reduce their risk of dementia".

Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia, which affects nearly one million people in the UK and 55 million worldwide. Numbers are forecast to rise sharply over the coming decades as more people live longer and their risk of dementia goes up with age.

Click here for more information and brain checker tool

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