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The Birth of Temp Rewards, a User-Centric Recruitment Productivity and Reward Platform

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

We are Andrew Brindley and Jo Guy, the proud founders of Temp Rewards a Workforce Management system for the Recruitment sector which will boost productivity for recruiters and reward Temporary Workers. As Yorkshire-based technology and recruitment entrepreneurs, we have always taken pride in our mission-led approach to business, we want to change the way recruitment businesses work by creating the best IT system for temp agencies in the UK. Our headquarters might be in beautiful Yorkshire, but our vision for Temp Rewards as a leading productivity IT system transcends far beyond these borders to the UK and beyond. Today, we would love to share the story behind the creation of Temp Rewards, our gamified recruitment productivity platform that is going to change the why you run your recruitment business.

Our journey began with AJ Recruitment, our own thriving recruitment venture that we founded in 2004. As AJ Recruitment grew, we wrestled with the everyday challenges of running the business, and like lots of recruitment owners we found ourselves consistently stymied by the limitations of the software solutions available in the market. There was not a platform in sight that catered to our specific needs, all the tech we could find was difficult to use and had been developed by tech people not recruiters. After tireless searching, we decided to change tack and build our own IT platform for the temporary worker market. Hence, Temp Rewards was born.

Temp Rewards isn't just another tool in the recruitment tech stack. It's a unique platform that revolutionises the temporary workers experience from the time they apply at your recruitment agency, to the way they accept and work shifts for your customers. It does all of the above whilst gamifying these processes. Every interaction your temporary workers have with the Temp Rewards app rewards them - whether it's onboarding themselves, accepting a jobs, getting their timesheet signed, or getting a good rating from your customers. These are all rewarded with Temp Coins via their digital wallet, giving more than digital kudos; Temp Coins are tangible and redeemable for real-world treats like a coffee, cinema tickets, or even an Amazon Alexa, once the rewards threshold is met with enough Temp Coins.

And we didn’t stop there... A central tenet of Temp Rewards is a deep and meaningful commitment to user experience. We involved our recruitment consultants, the temporary workers, and customers, in the design process, ensuring our software not just functional, but user centric with an easy-to-use interface. After all, who better to shape the user experience than the temporary workers themselves? Their invaluable insights have helped us create an app that's intuitive and engaging, making the work experience as enjoyable as it is rewarding. This means because Temp Rewards is working in the background for you 24/7 your recruitment consultants are up to 20% more productive, driving up sales and profits simultaneously.

Temp Rewards is available in both native app and web versions, ensuring accessibility and ease for all users, anywhere, anytime. We've crafted it to be adaptable and inclusive and aligning with our mission. This adds a touch of enjoyment to temporary work, its so easy to use it makes you smile.

Temp Rewards was born out of necessity, nurtured by our passion, and shaped by our Temporary Workers. It's a testament to our belief in the power of innovation when it's rooted in real-world challenges and user needs. Through this journey, we've learned that the secret to a successful solution lies in the perfect blend of technical robustness and user-centric design.

From our base in Leeds, we're aiming to transform the landscape of temporary work, one reward at a time.

We're Andrew Brindley and Jo Guy, inviting you to join us on this exciting journey and experience the Temp Rewards difference. The future of work is fun, engaging, and rewarding, and we're thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolution for recruitment agencies in the UK.

Andrew Brindley & Jo Guy


Temp Rewards

Andrew has been in the recruitment sector since 2004, Jo since 2000 and between them they have founded and grown a number of recruitment business in that time. Currently they run Ifastrecruit a Recruitment Technology specialist technology business, and they are both on the board of specialist social care recruiter AJ Recruitment. Andrew has always had a keen interest in technology and the way this is shaping the recruitment landscape. He is a massive F1 fan. Jo is keen on people power and has been centric to ensuring Temp Rewards has kept the user at the centre of the system, she is follows fashion, design and likes to keep fit with weekly Zumba classes. They live in Yorkshire with their two children and dogs.

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