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Would you like to Boost Productivity, Engagement, and Job Satisfaction with your temp workers?

This is a question I have pondered many times, as a director of a recruitment business I have always looked for ways in which we could boost our productivity, work engagement, and job satisfaction of the temps we supply.

We created Temp Rewards, an innovative rewards and gamified productivity platform designed to enhance the lives of temp workers by significantly increasing their productivity, work engagement, and job satisfaction. This gives you, as a recruitment agency leader, the opportunity to get more for less from your Temporary workers, and your consultants while increasing your customer's satisfaction and driving profits to the bottom line.

So, you might be asking how does it work then? What is the secret sauce behind Temp Rewards?

It operates on a simple premise: rewarding temporary workers for doing their work more effectively. These are the things you as a recruitment leader would want your temps to do unprompted and more quickly than they do now, saving you time and money.

These are the areas which Temp Rewards will make a real different to your recruitment agency.

Rapid Resourcing: We all want full trained and compliant temps in the shortest time possible. As the temporary worker progresses through their onboarding process, they get little psychological nudges to move them on to the next stage, saving you and your consultants valuable time and money.

Fully Flexible: You and I both know that flexibility is paramount in any Temp Workforce. When Temps add their availability in Temp Rewards they earn additional Temp Coins, encouraging them to increase their flexibility where you need them most.

Speedy Shifts : Once live in Temp Rewards the Temp worker can speedy book shifts and start to boost their Temp Coin level, on completion of their shift these coins move to their digital wallet. This incentivizes them to take on more shifts, more quickly ensuring a consistent workforce for your customer.

Attentive Attendance: We have all had that call from an irate customer to say the Temp worker they had booked hasn’t turned up and I know that this is a big issue across our industry, so Temp Rewards has go that covered too.. Only when they have worked their shift and got that all important electronic signed timesheet completed to then get any coins for that shift released to their digital wallet.

Converting Coins: What truly makes Temp Rewards stand out is our one-of-a-kind approach to rewards. Imagine this: as a dedicated temp, wouldn't it be amazing to transform your hard-earned Temp Coins into a world of exciting possibilities? Well, with Temp Rewards, you can do just that!

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