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Gender pay gap in social care...

Women in the health and social care sector face the largest pay gap with men than any other sector. This is why this year we are honoured to be part of a movement that is addressing this issue surrounding gender equality across all sectors.

Women in the health and social care sector face a larger gender pay gap than in other economic sectors, earning on average of 24 percent less than peers who are men, according to a new joint report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Much of the wage gap is unexplained, women account for 67% of health and social care workers worldwide and 82% in the UK, which is higher than any other industry.

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More than a third (34.3%) of FTSE 350 board positions are now held by women, with the number of women on boards increasing by 50% over the last 5 years, data released earlier this year shows, representing a dramatic shift in representation at the very highest levels of British business, which is encouraging to see. This is why it is so important as women leaders to support events like Forward Ladies Summit & Leadership Awards.

With this year’s theme being “unstoppable women”, Forward Ladies celebrated women showing exceptional leadership abilities in their teams, challenging and breaking glass ceilings and uplifting communities across the entire UK and globe.

The FL Leadership and Summit Awards brings together women from all fields, organizations, industries and backgrounds to discuss their journeys and careers and celebrate exceptional leadership.

We were really honored to be able to attend an event like the FL Leadership and Summit Awards and celebrate women in all industries.

Jo Guy, Founder & CEO of AJ Recruitment said:

"It was an absolute honour to be a finalist for the female entrepreneur category, competing against many other 'unstoppable women' from all around the globe.

"I am so proud to be working in such a female dominant industry I have been in the sector since I was 18, and it has always been mission of mine to inspire more young female talent into the social care industry."

"A huge well done to all of the finalists! It was such a privilege to share this day with you all. And finally, a massive thank you to Forward Ladies, for this amazing opportunity!"

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