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KPMG and REC Report on Jobs: September 2022

KPMG and REC have recently released the September edition of the UK Report on Jobs: National. This report looks at both the positive and negative trends in recruitment for all sectors, including Social Care, and how this relates to the current climate.

Please find below some of the key highlights from the report:

• Weakest rises in perm placements and temp billings for 19 months

• Vacancies expand at the slowest rate since February 2021

• Candidate shortages and cost of living push up rates of pay

• Candidate availability falls at a slightly weaker rate

Claire Warnes, Head of Education, Skills, and Productivity at KPMG UK, said:

"The UK jobs market remained tight in September, with candidate shortages impacting recruiters’ abilities to fill jobs. Deepening economic uncertainty has also meant that workers are choosing to stay put in their current roles, rather than apply for new roles, leading to a moderation in the overall rate of vacancy growth. Some employers, even those who anticipate that the recession may be short, are taking steps now to contain costs, including hiring freezes. Those employers who continue to invest in their workforce, particularly upskilling, may find they weather the recession better and will be in a stronger position to benefit from the upturn as and when it comes.”

Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC, said:

“The challenges we see in today’s data reflect the underlying shortage of Labour the UK faces. With unemployment at record lows, pay continues to rise for both temporary and permanent workers starting new jobs, and activity levels across the recruitment and staffing industry remain high. While any economic slowdown this winter will affect the market, the extent of shortages means that hiring will remain a focus for employers.

“The REC has shown that failing to address these issues could cost our economy massively in the years to come. While there is much that Government can do, like reforming the failed Apprenticeship Levy, a lot of the answers lie with hiring businesses. Firms need to work with skilled recruiters on offers that will maximise the skill base we have. There has never been a more important time for business leaders to put the people stuff first.”

Andrew Brindley, Director of AJ Recruitment said:

"This month’s report on jobs is not a surprise, as a lot of things have come to head all at once. The job market overall (so not all sectors) has softened. It's still up, but perhaps not to the levels it has been in recent months. Recruitment is still however an issue and a broad range of the economy. We have seen that demand here at AJ Recruitment, with our last quarter showing demand as high as we have seen in the past five years.

This report allows you to benchmark your business against the backdrop of the wider economy. I hope you find it useful to help you measure and understand where Social Care as a sector sits against the wider picture.

We hope you find this helpful

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