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Ways you can save money during the 'Cost of Living Crisis'

The cost of living crisis continues to hit the headlines this week and care workers across the UK are struggling to cope with the rising costs. Because of this, we wanted to share with you some tips and ways which could help you financially during this time of uncertainty.

Upon research, we discovered that the cheapest place to shop for food and household essentials was in fact Aldi. Recent studies show that on average, Aldi is 19% cheaper than other big brand super markets such as Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco. The average cost of a weekly shop for a family of 4 is £99. This means you could potentially save nearly £80 a month by switching to Aldi.

As you may know, petrol prices have soared up over the past couple of months, leaving many of us struggling to fill our cars. The average price to fill up a family car has now reached heights of up to £100, which is the highest we've ever seen it. Because of this, taxi fares and bus fares have risen. We have found a free website, which allows you to enter your location and see the cheapest petrol pumps near you. The lowest price we've spotted is 114p per litre! Please click on the link below to make your free account and start saving money!

Discount codes are also a great way to save money. 'Honey' allows you to use discounts on online food shops, and at big high-street brands such as ASOS, New Look and many more. All you need to do is download honey onto your chosen browser, and it will automatically find you the best possible price… and it's free! To download this, please click the link below.

Start to share your subscriptions! With the average Netflix subscription going to £10.99 per month, sharing a subscription with friends and family is a great way to start saving a few pounds. You could also do this with apps such as Spotify, Now TV & Amazon Prime. A recent survey shows that the average Brit spends £33 a month on entertainment subscriptions, so by sharing this with a friend or family member you could save around £180 per year!

Alternatively, if you wanted any money saving advise, please head to Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert. Here you can find lots of tips and hacks to cut costs, claim backs you may be entitled to, cheapest brands on the market and any relevant news.

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